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Property Owner Authorization Forms must be stamped by a Notary. This form is only necessary when the property owner is not the primary contact. 

Fee Estimate forms are required for all Applications. After completing the form a copy of your Invoice will be emailed to you . Print your invoice and send it, along with your payment to: 

Paradise Hills Special Zoning District
PO Box 66791
Albuquerque, NM 87193

How to Submit Zoning Permit Applications



Applications with permitted uses and conforming projects don't require attendance at an Online Public Meeting to be issued a permit. It is not necessary to attend a PHSZD meeting to secure a permit if:​

The permit application is complete and conforms to PHSZD zoning rules, and is a permitted zoning action or use. See rules by zoning classification in the PHSZD Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.  Download the PHSZD Ordinance in PDF format from this page. To download applications and forms, press the buttons in the box to the left. 

A conforming application doesn't request Conditional Use, Variance, Special use, additional steps, or Administrative hearing. 

The Commission will not issue zoning permits or notices of zoning determinations until all the PHSZD Zoning Permit fees are received. Send the PHSZD Permit Fee Estimate Form with any fees invoiced by the Commission. Please see PHSZD Fee Schedule for rates and conditions.​​

Mail Fees with a printed copy of the PHSZD Permit Fee Estimate Form to :

Paradise Hills Special Zoning District 

PO Box 66791 

Albuquerque, NM 87193

Form Instructions​

  • Completed forms will send automated instructions to the applicant(s). The email instructions describe the following steps and verification of the application's data.

  • ​​​​Assemble digital pdf copies of supporting documents before launching the permit application. Supporting document needed:

  •  Official digital copies of documents for ownership are Bernalillo County Property Tax Appraisal or the Bernalillo County Property Tax Bill. The following link is an online portal to obtain the current tax records.

  • If the property owner's name doesn't appear on the record, submit an Owner's Warranty Deed or Title Insurance. There is a link to the County Assessors website in the forms.

  • Find a property in either portal and print a PDF copy of ownership data.

  • The Property Legal Survey can be found in mortgage title packages or ordered from the Office of the County Clerk.

  • Project site plans and plan submittals for construction permits are required and described in the PHSZD Permit Application instructions.

  • Contractor/Agent information: website, email, phone, address, company name, primary contact, and Contractor's License number are required.

  • A notary stamped digital copy of the PHSZD Property Owner/Agent Authorization Form is required when the property owner is not the primary contact for the project. Download a pdf digital copy of the PHSZD Property Owner/Agent Authorization Form from this page.


Please Note

  • Permit Applications with supporting documents must be received 14 days before the requested meeting date to appear as an agenda action item.

  • **Please note that COMPLETE applications will be reviewed in the order time-stamped, and the Commission can not guarantee review before the next scheduled meeting due to the high volume of permit applications.

  • Applicants must complete the required fields (with supporting documents). Online Forms contain embedded detailed instructions and links.

  • The Commission will contact the applicant should the PHSZD Ordinance require additional steps.

  • The PHSZD Ordinance requires Administrative hearings and special notifications for some zoning permit application types: variances, conditional Use, zoning text change, Special Use, planned developments, modification in the zoning classification boundary map, lot unification, and zone verification reports. Please get in touch with the Commission through the Online Request Portal on the MEETINGS Page with requests for Administrative Hearings.

  • ​PHSZD Commission Online Public Meetings are via ZOOM. The PHSZD Commission will send a Zoom meeting invitation, Zoom meeting link, and agenda to requesting parties before the public meeting. The public can access ZOOM links from the website and are updated 24 hours before each scheduled meeting.

  • Permit applications are public documents and subject to the IPRA. The PHSZD Commission must post some public records on the PHSZD website to conform to public notification rules and the New Mexico Open Meetings Act. 

Onlie Zoning Permit Application
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