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Are via ZOOM

Meetings are at 6:30 PM

The Second and Fourth

Tuesday of the Month

ZOOM Link on HOME Page



MARCH 01, 2022






PHCC Addition: (Amendment of a Special Use Plan to a Planned Development; Approval of a Conforming Addition)

PHCC Annex: (Amendment of a Special Use  Site Plan to a Phased Planned Development)



Online Meetings and Contact with the Commission

  1. See MEETINGS and FORMS pages for Online Public Meeting instructions. The public is always welcome. Please use the ZOOM link listed in the box to the left: THE LINK IS UPDATE BEFORE EACH MEETING.

  2. The Commission assists applicants by telephone or email with projects. Questions can be left through the online portal on this page. Call 505 407 4381 if you don’t have access to the website or need further assistance or have questions. Leave a message. Your call will be returned or instructions will be issued by email from:

  3. Calling or emailing the Commission will not expedite an incomplete application or an application without paid fee

  4. Regular PUBLIC ONLINE MEETINGS are scheduled on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

  5. All PHSZD Public Meetings will be online with audio, video and phone capabilities for those with and without access to Internet.  All zoning permit instructions, permit forms, meeting schedules, proposed projects will be placed on the website.  Public comments, instruction for public engagement, and instructions to request participation in future meetings are on the this page and the Paradise Hills Special Zoning District website:

  6. The PHSZD Commission will reassess procedures, when new guidance is available to public state commissions operating under the New Mexico Public Meetings Act and Sunshine Laws. Our goal is to serve our community responsibly.

  7. Participation in an online meeting is not required to obtain a zoning permit.  Submit a complete application, supporting documents and all permit fees. The project MUST conform to zoning actions permitted within the zone classification. AND DOES NOT REQUIRE FURTHER STEPS SUCH AS COMMUNITY NOTIFICATION OR ADMINISTRATIVE HEARING. The Commission will review your application and issue a permit without further steps, (IF THE ZONING ACTIONS ARE CONFORMING AND DEFINED AS PERMITTED).  The PHSZD Ordinance is available for download on PHSZD FORMS page.



  1. WHEN:  AS NEEDED for large project public meetings and administrative review overflow. Variances, Conditional Use Requests, Modifications of the Zoning Map, Special Use and Planned Development zoning requests require a separate process under New Mexico State Zoning Statues and PHSZD Ordinance Regulations.

  2. Please contact the Commission for instructions for these requests.​​

Request an item on the next Meeting Agenda
Join Us...Public Comments Always Welcome

***NOTE: IF SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION FOR PERMIT OR COMPLAINT, A COMPLETED APPLICATION AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE COMMISSION 14 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR REQUESTED MEETING DATE. EMAIL CONFIRMATION from the Commission confirms you have been placed on an upcoming agenda.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this requirement due to New Mexico statutes for public meetings.  To register, use the webform.



Approved Procedure for  Online Public Meetings

(Guidance provided from New Mexico Office of Public Compliance)

  • Persons wishing to give public comments or appear before the commission should sign in at 6:30 PM on ZOOM. Additional comments can be made on this website on this CONTACT Page

  • Requests for comments during the meeting should be made through Zoom CHAT and follow the published online public meeting agenda

  • At the start of the meeting, the chair will announce the names of those members of the PHSDZD Commission participating remotely.

  • All members of the PHSDZD Commission participating remotely must identify themselves whenever they speak and must be clearly audible to the other members of the PHSDZD Commission and to the public.

  • Members of the public will be afforded remote access, via live stream or other similar technology, if possible, or a call-in number for listening by phone through ZOOM.

  • The Chair should suspend discussion if the audio or video is interrupted.

  • All votes of the PHSDZD Commission must be by roll call vote.

  • The PHSDZD Commission will produce and maintain a recording of the open session of the meeting and links can be found on this website.  

  • The first type of zoning permit procedure authorized for online public meetings by PHSZD is non-administrative zoning reviews. Conforming reviews are for zoning permit requests that exactly comply with the PHSZD Comprehensive Ordinance regulations.

  • For Appeals Process see Paradise Hills Special Zoning District Comprehensive Ordinance


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